Vintage Eco-Friendly Coconut bowl Polished with Coconut Oil

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Our 100% natural coconut shells, handcrafted into unique eco-friendly coconut bowls. Every coconut bowl is naturally unique, with it’s own shape, size and colours.



This eco-friendly coconut bowl eliminates the use of harmful plastic bowls.  This coconut bowl and cutlery are made from natural products.

This fine coconut shell is polished, so the bowl is natural, unpainted and wax-free.



This natural bowl is perfect to be used as a smoothie bowl or breakfast bowl, but it can also be the perfect gift item.

All coconut bowls slightly vary in volume, however, an average bowl can contain approximately 500 - 600ml.

The size of each coconut bowl is approximately 12cm-15cm in diameter and is about 6cm in depth.


How to care for the coconut bowl

Wash in warm, soapy water. We recommend not to wash in a dishwasher.

To maintain the shininess, please polish your coconut bowl with coconut oil regularly.


Please allow 1-3cm measurement error and colours of the shell may also vary.

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